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PowerPlay: Shooting and Aiming Demo

In this video, I demonstrate how the shooting and aiming mechanics work in our current project PowerPlay. We have two different kinds of shots implemented, the wrist shot and the slap shot. Our original idea was to have the character randomly shoot at the net based on their statistics. However, this method could be extremely irritating to many players. As a result we decided to create nine total shooting positions that a player can shoot at.

Unity 2D Programming Example - MEtroid​​​​​​​

A brief explanation and demonstration of a 2D character controller, Enemy AI behaviours, Item/Health Management, and Music/Sound Effect management using assets and music from super metroid as opposed to unity's default assets to make the video more enjoyable.

Unity 2D Pinball Demo
Utilizing the 2D physics engine and 3D assets in Unity, I demonstrate how to create the core components for a pinball game. The flippers, bumpers, and kickout hole.
More demos coming soon...

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