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PowerPlay || Lab 4 || Steak Stack || Chilly Wings

PolyHobby Studios is an independent game studio that is currently working on multiple mobile games and is working towards its first console release. As an artist and programmer, I am able to work on various projects with them. Through these various projects, I have worked on environment design, level design, textures, graphics, menu systems, player controllers, and additional code. These projects include PowerPlay, a 3 on 3 arcade hockey game, Lab 4, a competitive co-op maze game, Steak Stack, a 2D mobile puzzle game, and Chilly Wings, a 3D endless runner. 
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Environment Artist || Graphic Designer || Texture Artist || UI/UX Designer || Programmer
PowerPlay is a 3 on 3 arcade hockey game being developed for PC and Console. For this project, I am the creator of the arenas, logos, graphics, textures, and UI/UX design. I am also responsible for some coding. 
Crowd || Goalies || Players 
Robot (model and textures), Goalies (equipment and textures), Player (textures)       created by myself
Robot (render), Goalies (base model and render), Player (all equipment, model, and render)  by Jordan Tetzlaff - Check out his other work here!
Tech Demo

In this video, I demonstrate how the shooting and aiming mechanics work in our current project PowerPlay. We have two different kinds of shots implemented, the wrist shot and the slap shot. Our original idea was to have the character randomly shoot at the net based on their statistics. However, this method could be extremely irritating to many players. As a result we decided to create nine total shooting positions that a player can shoot at. 

Lab 4
Environment Artist || Level Designer || UI/UX Designer || Programmer
A competitive co-op maze game being developed for PC and consoles using Unity. The concept and alpha build were created by myself while in school. Lab 4 will be produced and published with the help of the PolyHobby development team.
Environment Artist || Level Designer
Steak Stack is a 2D mobile puzzle game. The player is tasked with stacking as many steak shapes as possible without letting their pieces fall off the grill. The pictures below showcase the Google Play banners that I created. The videos showcase the environments I was tasked with creating. Want to try the game out? It's available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. 
Chilly Wings
UI/UX Designer || Programmer
Chilly Wings is a 3D endless runner being developed in Unity for mobile devices. My contributions to this project have been the main menu UI system and the character selection. As this is an ongoing project there will be many changes and updates. This video shows some of the art and the character selection system in the early concept stages of the development process. 

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