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Nathan Weatherby || Weatherbee Studios
My name is Nathan Weatherby, I'm a digital artist and game programmer currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta. I've been in the game and media industry since 2015, initially as a student and now as an indie developer. With the knowledge and skills acquired over the last few years, I have the ability to clearly communicate between designers and programmers in order to achieve set goals. I strive to create assets that are visually appealing, and thrive in collaborative environments where hard work and dedication towards developing quality projects are valued. I have worked on multiple projects between PolyHobby Studios, O'Davi, and Weatherbee Studios.
PolyHobby Studios is an independent game studio that is currently working on multiple mobile games and its first console release. These projects include PowerPlay, a 3 on 3 arcade hockey game, Lab 4, a competitive co-op maze game, Steak Stack, a 2D mobile puzzle game, and Chilly Wings, a 3D endless runner, all of which are made using Unity. Through these various projects, I have worked in many areas including: environment design, level design, graphic design, textures, menu systems, player controllers, and additional code when needed.
O’Davi is comprised of a small group of people who work casually work on developing games whenever they have a few hours of spare time. As an environment artist, level artist, graphic artist, and a C# programmer, I help O’Davi with the development of Poprock. Poprock is a 3D action platformer game currently in development using the Unity game engine. Our intent is to release this game to showcase our skills in the game industry. 
The moniker Weatherbee Studios was created as a personal brand that is used in various media platforms to generate interest in current projects and collaborations. To help generate more interest, I am always searching for new techniques and strategies to increase my knowledge in many areas of the game industry. A few of these areas include environmental, level, and character design, texture and concept art, creating character controllers, UI systems, and simple AI.
To create assets that are visually appealing, I am proficient in a variety of industry programs:
|| Adobe After Effects 
|| Adobe Illustrator
|| Adobe Photoshop
|| Adobe Premiere Pro
|| Autodesk Maya
|| Autodesk Motionbuilder
|| E-on VUE
|| HTML and CSS
|| Microsoft Visual Studio (C#)
|| Quixel​​​​​​​
|| Unity Game Engine
|| ZBrush

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